• 12 июля 2017, 22:50

    Emirates employees caught pouring champagne from used glasses back into bottles

    Emirates employees caught pouring champagne from used glasses back into bottles

    Russian TV broadcaster 360TV learned that a Russian traveller — Evgeny Kayumov — claims that Emirates airline is pouring champagne from used glasses back into bottles. At least this is what can be seen in a video he published on the social network Instagram.

    The comment under the video posted by the Instagram user says «Emirates, got it accidentally in the shot, didn’t notice at first… Pouring the champagne which wasn’t consumed back into the bottle. Or is it normal for Emirates?».

    The post was published 23 hours ago and has more that 1500 views. Some users of the social media seemed angry and surprised and called what they saw on the video as «terrible service» and «declining standards» on the part of Emirates. In Flights and Emirates services said that a passenger should make a complaint by calling or online. They will answer and explain what exactly happened.

    Kaumoff claims that he flew on Emirates' flight from Dubai to Moscow. On the video it appears that that the person filming is seated in business-class. He makes a wide pan of the cabin, the interior of which resembles that of Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft. The scene with champagne is taking place at the bar, which is often advertised by Emirates as a rare luxury in the air — a place, where business and first class passengers can relax during flight.

    Two cabin attendants can be seen on the video, at least one of which realizes that she is being filmed. Another Emirates aircraft can be seen right out of the passenger’s window, therefore, it appears that the video is shot while the aircraft is on the ground in Dubai, and the crew are serving welcome drinks.

    Emirates operates two daily flights from Dubai to Moscow.

    Some comments under the video suggested the cabin crew member did nothing wrong and was just pouring champagne from a glass that wasn't used by anyone. Others objected that the practice was still not up to the airline's standards.

    Emirates is one of world's largest airlines, based in Dubai and owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (which is owned by Dubai government). It operates flights to more than 140 cities in over 80 countries, including Russia.