• 13 июля 2016, 14:27

    I will try to join the Flyers style – Roman Lyubimov

    Russian hockey team player gave an interview to 360 TV-channel before his leaving to NHL.

    Russian hockey team player Roman Lyubimov signed the contract with NHL Philadelphia Flyers club. Forward gave in interview to TV-channel before leaving.

    - Ron Hextall said that he likes your dimensions and how you use it and that you’re like two-way forward will be useful for Philadelphia. What do you think about his words?

    - I like that Ron speaks on business and doesn’t promise much and doesn’t build castles in the sky for me. He talks straight forward on how he sees me and my role in the team – not in the top five and not in the first division of majority. I know my strong and weak points and I hope that I will be able to join the Flyers power style of the game. I’m ready for the role that coach asks me to do.

    - Skeptics abroad believe that it will be difficult for you to compete for the place not only for the first two fives with Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier and you’re taken to enlarge the line-up and to increase competition. Tell us, what is your advantage and trump in the battle for the place in the Flyers?

    - I know myself, I repeat that I always ready to work and this will buy my place. I will prove from the scratch that I deserve to play in the first team.

    - Last season Zhenya Medvedev played in Philadelphia, he gathered good reviews, but it was decided not to renew the one-year contract with him. Do you have plan B? Are you ready for that kind of turn of events and what would you do in this case? Will you return to Russia or try to hold on the NHL? 

    - That’s what I’m not going to think of now. I should go with clean thoughts and positive attitude. If I would think that I fail – I will. I’m in a positive mood and ready to fight and prove.

    - Some journalists believe that Flyers needs scoring forward.  Will you try to change yourself and act more aggressive in the attack? 

    - Yes, of course, first of all I’m a forward and I am required to play sharp and score goals and I’ll try very hard to show that I‘m capable of more, but I do not forget that defense of the gate is also important. New league and new grounds await for me – I should play several games and feel what and how things are, what claims and what something stats I will come to. When I play several matches, it will be clear which rates I can show in the NHL.

    - German Rubtsov told in his interview to 360 that now he is planning to study English hard, though he goes to the NHL only in two years, and what about you?  

    - Of course, I don’t have two years, so I begin to prepare now. I speak English a little, but I know that it will be not enough for constant communication. I’ll look for a tutor with education in Linguistics to communicate normally, so press could understand me well, because it will be necessary to communicate with it and despite what situation will be in the club and on the ice, what results will be – I will not be shut off in any case.

    - And if everything goes well, should we wait for any jokes from you in Artemiy Panarin style or participation in funny videos like Nikolay Kulemin’s?

    - Well, I think it depends on the circumstances. If things in the score board are bad, the jokes are not appropriate. I hope that things with Philadelphia will be good and it will be possible to joke then. I’m not going to think about this now. The main thing is game.

    - When are you planning to fly overseas? Do you have any plans for: who will meet you and where will you live when your family moves to you? 

    - Yes, we just solving these issues now. The agent arrives on Friday, we then decide the dates with him and wait for visas. Now I start to train on the ground and looking for the ice. After I move, then it will be possible to transfer the family.

    - In Autumn Russian national team will perform in the tournament for the Cup of Canada…

    - Yes, of course, I keep it in mind, but it will be coaches’ decision. I repeat myself that I’m preparing for the season to be in shape.

    - What about World Championship next spring?

    - We have to get there first (laughing) I don’t know how things will go as the season has not began. Coaches should decide; if the club let me off and National team invites me - then I’ll go with pleasure.

    - What was the main reason for you to depart? 

    - My dream! 

    - A few words for CSKA fans? 

    - I said it already in my allocation when I announced my move and plans to continue my career abroad. I wish good luck to all CSKA fans, we were a bit unlucky for the last two years, this year we missed the Cup by half a step… Wishing good luck and victory – to finally win the Gagarin Cup!